Delivering the best debt sale results for both debt sellers and debt buyers through data and reputation integrity.

Debt Sale Brokers Australia (DSBA) represents credit issuers across banking / finance, utilities, telecommunications, trade credit and mercantile agents with services to maximise returns on non performing debt ledgers.

We invite you to look at Our Services to assist you with

  • Facilitating a debt sale;
  • Review and manage your collection agency outsourcing;
  • Contact strategies using advanced technology to increase contact rates
  • Debt Purchase Funding

In the last 12 months, DSBA has increased debt sale returns for our clients on average by 50% compared to going direct to the debt buyers. We have represented a number of Tier 1 credit issuers with outstanding results on the back of our compliance, data analytics and debtor profiling.

To maximise the performance of your debt recovery book, contact DSBA today to find out how we can help meet your financial targets.

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